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The role of the eyebrow designer is to transform their clients' eyebrows, bringing more harmony and beauty to people's faces according to their personality. But it goes far beyond that! We renew self-esteem and transform lives!

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My name is Joice de Paula, Brazilian, married, 36 years old, with a ten-year-old-son. I am a specialist in Facial beauty and micropigmentation, having graduated  at the Brazilian Academy of micropigmentation- Eliana Giaretta; and at the Phibrows Academy -Branko Babic, and Natalia Beauty Academy. I also have a degree in business with a minor in marketing at Newton Paiva University in Brazil. Being certified by the National Council with an international validation,  I am an international technician instructor for professional of beauty. 

Living in the United States for 3 years, there have been a lot of great opportunities   I’m thankful for.  Since I got here, I have been preparing to work with beauty. I could transfer some of my credits from Brazil, but I had to study here one year to get my  licenses (cosmetology, AESTHETICS, tattooing and micropigmentation) to work in this field. 

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unique style

My goal is to be constantly educating myself with the current techniques. So, next year I want to go to a university in the United States to learn and study more about health and beauty.

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It’s an amazing experience when your clients look in the mirror and smile when they see their new style.
Especially since you know that you were able to give them that confidence boost with something you created with your own unique style.

It’s an exciting challenge to keep up with current trends as well as listening each client individually to make something original for them.

My mission, in my career, is to work with self-esteem, not only to make people enhance their beauty, but also to make them feel better with themselves.

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