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Eyebrow Threading

The depilation with line or Egyptian depilation as it may also be known, is a very popular technique, especially among women, to remove hair from the face. Want to know more about the line hair removal technique? 

facial line epilation

The facial line epilation technique does not leave the skin sensitive and does not cause irritation, allergies and blemishes. It is the extraction of facial hair from certain areas where aesthetics is compromised.

Egyptian line

Especially for those who like to take care of themselves and keep their appearance up to date, this is an excellent procedure to remove facial hair.

To have skin that feels more beautiful and especially with your eyebrows always very well designed, you need to know and perform the epilating procedure with an Egyptian line.


The hair removal with line is a hair removal technique that is much sought after and also indicated, especially for cases where a person has a lot of sensitivity and even where the skin is irritated.

It is well known for being used to make the eyebrows, but it is also possible to shave other parts of the face, for example, the fluff and other parts of the body, such as the groin.


Are there any benefits to facial line epilation?

Undoubtedly, this procedure can offer different benefits for those who use it, starting with the fact that with this technique, the hairs are removed from the root .

This helps to space out the need to redo a section, keeping your face clean and hair-free longer. Furthermore, this procedure is considered a clean technique as it does not use wax.

Another benefit is that, with the line hair removal option, you can also remove the finest and lightest hair, also known as lanugem.

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