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Pink Makeup
Image by Jessica Felicio
Female Model
Model with Long Hair

Want to have pink lips all the time without the need for lipstick? So this procedure is for you, come check out everything about lip micropigmentation. 

lip micropigmentation

With micropigmentation you conquer lips with the color you want, from more natural tones to more vibrant ones, such as red. It can also correct asymmetries and imperfections such as scars, gives the illusion of fuller lips and makes them proportionate.

The technique is done with a device called a dermograph, and is performed in the same way as a tattoo, but the pigment is in the superficial layer of the skin. Before starting, a preview is performed , in which you can see how your lips will look, and after everything is defined, the procedure is performed. 

enhance the color and contour

It is not new that micropigmentation helps many women to gain more confidence and freedom, mainly because it is a non-definitive procedure, and can be performed in various parts of the body, such as the lips . 


People who have scars in the region can also disguise or attenuate with micropigmentation. You will be able to have perfectly defined lips as you always dreamed. With the lip micropigmentation technique it is possible to obtain two effects: Lipstick and Watercolor.


Care before and after micropigmentation

Like the idea? To perform micropigmentation, some precautions must be taken to have the desired result. That's why the lips need to be hydrated , so protect them with lip balms and in the cold, care should be more intense. 

Before doing the procedure, it is very important to go to the doctor to clear up all your doubts and find out if there is any contraindication in your case. 

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