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Eyebrow Treatment

The procedure draws the hairs using a dermograph, following the guidelines of the eyebrow itself, and also creates a background shading effect , ensuring more volume for the eyebrows.

shadow micropigmentation

Shadow micropigmentation or smoky micropigmentation, as it is also called, is a technique for applying pigment to the eyebrows.

The soft filling is indicated for those who have thinner hair and even flaws, ensuring the impression of more volume in the eyebrow hairlines.

Shadow micropigmentation is one of the most talked about techniques when it comes to filling the eyebrows and if you have been looking for techniques to give the perfect shape to the strands, check out the post with all the information you need about this type of filling.

Image by Atikh Bana

The eyebrows help to harmonize the face, and some filling techniques can give the perfect shape and style to the strands, as is the case with shadow micropigmentation.

shadow 1.jpeg

How long does smoky micropigmentation last?

The filling result made using the shadow technique lasts from 6 months to 1 year; and with time, the pigment loses its color and there is a need for retouching.


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