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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup

Above all, microblading is a new technique that promises to leave the eyebrows looking very natural. Generally speaking, this technique is a permanent makeup procedure. It is also known as drawing, eyebrow embroidery, engraving, hand tool, tebori or feathering.


In general, every woman's dream and fantasy is to have that well-shaped and defined eyebrow. Basically, we care so much about the eyebrows, precisely because they manage to give that up, which we women want. That's why we've come to introduce you to the microblading technique.

It is worth noting that microblanding is an ancient Japanese technique, unlike micropigmentation with the dermograph. In fact, a difference between microblanding and other techniques is the fact that it is a manual placement of pigments under the upper layer of the epidermis or above the dermis.

Eyebrow Wax

If you are unhappy with the shape, volume, or definition of your eyebrows, this technique might be of interest to you. Even because, it can leave the eyebrows with a natural look, regardless of the amount of hair. Anyway, come to know a little more about this new technique.

Image by Garin Chadwick

Overall, this technique looks good with the tattoos we get. However, it is not as deep as tattooing and is also a more superficial process. By the way, because of this, microblanding has lower risks of turning gray or greenish.

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