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Image by Mikelya Fournier

Learn more about the procedure that is super popular among lovers of long eyelashes with curved effect . The Lash Lifting or just eyelash lifting is the new bet for those who want to give this effect to the eyelashes. Check out!

lash lifting

Do you want to have your dream lashes treated and lengthened without damage?

The time has come!! Make your assessment!

Have longer, curved lashes!

Different from hair-by-wire stretching, lash lifting does not use artificial hairs , it just creates the effect of elongated and curved lashes. The procedure is painless and takes about 1 hour, you just need to keep your eyes closed while the products act on your hair.

Image by Majid Akbari

The procedure has four steps . First a product is applied to give the strands an arcuate shape. The second stage consists of neutralizing the threads to maintain the curved effect achieved in the first stage. After that, the option for coloring is given, enhancing the mask effect. And finally, the eyelashes are moisturized.


How to keep eyelash mask effect longer?

Following some precautions from the time of application to the 12th week of the procedure increases the durability of the effects of the lash lifting. Care is simple: do not get wet and avoid humidity for 24 hours.

A tip is to give preference to the use of oil-free makeup removers and water-based eyelash mask. Professionals point out that the result lasts an average of 6 to 12 weeks, but it can vary if the client follows the necessary recommendations.

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